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Rawshan Fam is a petrochemicals manufacturing company based in Mashhad, Iran.Our main products are Paints, Resins & Solvents. We started in 2004 and our focus back then was to produce and formulate specific high quality Industrial Coatings which in that time only a few number of manufacturers were able to formulate. Because of our will and non-stopping research and development on new formulas and raw materials with our highly experienced team we were able to achieve a major share in the domestic industries.Keeping on the hard work in 2008 our company started their first export in CIS region focusing on Decorative Products, and as we aimed from day one we soon got to the point to become one of the main suppliers in those markets too.Parallel to expanding of export and domestic industrial coatings business we got able to setup a whole new line of products which was Traffic Coatings, because of years of experience and the effort we put into the job we soon became one of the top suppliers in the government's projects on installing and maintaining roads and expressways painting over 30000 km per year and achieved grade "C" in the list of constructors in the ministry of road and transportation of Iran.At 2018 we decided to start our Petroleum Products department and set up a new site of manufacturing focused on producing bulk volumes considering the massive needs of such products in nearby countries' markets as well as keeping the quality at the highest level which we always have had.Today we have a very clear vision of our company's future which is trying our best to produce the highest quality and the most modern coatings in the industry and expanding the quantity of our petroleum products to remain in the markets we already own so our customers will have the confidence to rely on us and our products as their businesses grow bigger through years.